September 19, 2016

As we did for our 20 & 30-year reunions we are compiling a booklet containing as much updated information about each of our classmates.  These booklets will be available for free from the DOWNLOADS page (see link at top of this page).

In our 2001 books we included updated information on our past faculty and staff members as well and will be doing the same for our 35-year reunion.  This booklet will be separate from the classmate booklet described above and will only contain updates on the faculty & staff who responded to our questionnaires.

We will also be attempting to get a copy of this booklet to each faculty & staff member who responded and is listed in the booklet.

It was one of the goals of the 35-year reunion committee to contact each living faculty and staff member to obtain updates on what each of you has been doing since our May 1981 graduation.

As of this posting it we have 114 living faculty & staff from our middle/junior and high school years (1975-1981).  We have made contact with all 114 to obtain updates and so far have received responses from 52 of you.

If you are visiting this page and are one of the 62 faculty & staff members we are still wanting updates on please proceed to the bottom of this page where there is a link to the questionnaire for faculty & staff.  By clicking on the warrior mascot below you should be taken to a new page where you can fill in your info and submit it electronically to the reunion committee.

Although our reunion is not until September 24th we would ask you to fill your questionnaire out and submit it as soon as you can since we will need a few weeks to work on completing the booklet and printing copies.

We would like to thank each you who took the time to complete this questionnaire and provide an update on yourself since our graduation and 2001 reunion.

For those of you who responded to our questionnaire and expressed an interest in attending our reunion we will be contacting you over the next few weeks with the exact time of the reunion.